I am Przemek and I am human. And you?

Hi! As a child, I thought a lot. I wanted to understand everything. I wanted to be perfect. I was looking for an ideal that I could strive for. I just wanted to be better. There was no one who could fulfil such a function, so I created the image of an ideal human myself. I was striving for it and at the same time, I am constantly trying to improve it. I quickly learned that no one would solve my problems for me. Nobody… Nobody is in my place and nobody ever will be. If someone were to be in my place, I would not be here so… Since I’m already here, too bad, something has to be done about it, I need to go further.

In these searches, in these difficult roads, I got lost more than once, but I was never able to give up. That’s why I’m here today and offering help, as someone once helped me 10 years ago. And then I decided to help others, that is what I want to do. 10 years have passed and I have changed a lot. It was variously: Once I worked very hard on myself, other times a bit less. Today, however, I am here, before you, before You.

Maybe you need help just like I used to?

What I’m helping with

  • recovery
  • choosing a partner
  • the restoration or termination of the relationship
  • development as a human being
  • dealing with fears, traumas, addictions
  • make a professional or personal decision
  • I also act on animals

Besides, I can check any matter in which I have no experience, but in such cases it will not be so detailed.


Mon. – Sat. from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (UTC+01)

+48 727 916 016

contact phone

Consultations take place during the hours set during the registration at the same phone number or via Skype (add contact):

Skype login

The duration of the consultation should not exceed 30 – 40 minutes. I will take more time if necessary and possible.

During the consultation, please inform me about other people’s actions. Just as drugs cannot be mixed, energy laws must be respected.

After a consultation, I invite you to the section After consultations and following the recommendations described there.

Price list

  • Consultation with full action 80 PLN per person
  • Next consultation in the same matter with action (topping up) – 50 PLN per person
  • Only consultation35 PLN per person
  • Only action (topping up) concerning the previously discussed matter – 30 PLN per person and takes place without contact with the person whose name will be given in the transfer title.

The price can be adjusted during consultations both up and down. For example, if I won’t take action, a consultation will be very short or the financial situation will indicate this, I will return the entire amount. If, on the other hand, it turns out that the consultation will involve more people than originally agreed or there will be an additional action, I will ask for a surcharge.

Those registered for the consultation are asked to pay the appropriate amount to the following account in the title:
BIOENERGOTHERAPY SERVICE – NAME AND SURNAME of the person to be consulted. For example:


95 1870 1045 2078 1005 6418 0001


account number for the transfer

or by PayPal:


Until you hear me :)