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     About me

    About me

    My name is Przemek. Professionally I am a software engineer. Earlier I worked as a occupational therapist. I train parkour when possible. Constantly working on myself and although death is inevitable, I am taking care of my health.

    I love creation – from small things to large projects. I also love helping and sharing experience. I was learning psychology, time and money management. I have a Master craftsman diploma in bioenergetic therapy, but above all I have years of hard experiences that shaped me.

    I am NOT a couch, psychologist, psychotherapist. I am NOT a priest, wizard or soothsayer. I am NOT perfect.

    I'm Przemek and I'm a human.

    Przemek Wróbel

    Uzdrowiciel Duchowy, Warszawa
    Przemek Wróbel
    Uzdrowiciel Duchowy

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