My way…

  • I was born when communism was collapsing in Poland.
  • My childhood and early adulthood passed fruitfully.
  • In 2010 I met Zbigniew Jan Popko. Since then I have decided that I will help as a spiritual healer.
  • In 2011 I earned journeyman craftsman’s diploma in bioenergy healing treatment. It’s just a formality. Real trials are fought inside one’s heart.
  • In 2017 I got master craftsman’s diploma in bioenergy healing treatment.
  • So far I was helping just my family and friends. Today, after years of self improvement I help openly.

You can find more about me in the About me section on the main page.

Your way?

Don’t let anyone else decide for you. Become the master of your life. Take responsibility for it thereby giving it a meaning.

My role is only to help you, advise you, support you and guide you. You can find similar people on EdenTV. If working on yourself is important to you, I especially recommend PopkoTV channel. In the world of self-development most consciously or not mislead others. I encourage you to put your trust in yourself and verify everything that others offer you, including my words.

If you cannot do it today and you feel that I could help you, please contact me ( However, please respect my time and my person. What I can I give for free, and even pay extra and devote my free time to be able to share it. An hour-long consultation with me should not exceed the cost of a similar with psychologist.