After consultations

The following points can be a good guide for everyone. However, after the consultations and especially the actions, it is crucial to achieving the best results. Please take this seriously.

  1. Future and dreams – if possible, cut yourself off from any information that is not absolutely necessary for your existence. Move away from thinking about the past to creating a new version of yourself. At least 2 times a day sink into the most beautiful vision of the future.
  2. Joy – spend 3 times a day on the little things that give you real joy: Something short, but truly joyful. Increase the dose if necessary.
  3. Water of LifeInstruction and Action.
  4. Cell resilience – Move as your body tells you. Exercises are not meant to be hard, but effective. If you are not sure how to do it, then try to move as much as possible to activate each muscle and joint. This can be combined with a pill of joy by, for example, including music. Examples.
  5. Energy massage – Perform according to the instructions in case of vibration drop.
  6. Selfhealing Instruction and Action na

Take care of yourself as a small child for whom you are responsible.

Additionally, it is worth considering the words:

One must be strong to be useful

From great falls, great people will arise

It is never so bad that you can’t laugh

Life makes as much sense as we take responsibility for it

You are the result of your close ones, so be careful who you deal with.