What does paradise look like? Vision of Eden

What is paradise to you?
Since this series is called Crumbs of Eden, I will tell you about what Eden is, what is paradise, or at least what is my vision of it.
I used to think that paradise is something like that, that I feel good, that I have everything I need, that everything is automatic, that I have food at my fingertips and everything is available right away.
But it was a little shallow, a little bit selfish.
Because you see …
Paradise is something that is built with other people.
It is something, it is a place, it is something that you are there together, that you collaborate with others, that you co-create, you love and understand them.
And this day, this, each day in this paradise is something wonderful, it is a new adventure.
There are no weird, stupid restrictions there.
There is no jealousy there, no hatred, no pity.
Everyone is diligent and honest.
Everything is so gentle, good and kind.
People are honest and they say how it is.
They don’t pretend to be better, they don’t cheat.
And …
Everyone has their own place, everyone even has their own house, where they can live, where they can do whatever they want, but …
Let’s say they live in one large estate.
Where they have a shared swimming pool, a shared yard, a shared playground for children.
They run various companies together.
And in various configurations together, for example, they go fishing.
Those who like the mountains go to the mountains and it doesn’t matter if someone is with someone, as if permanently.
Relationships are more so loose.
Of course, there are people who are kinder with each other, but there is no problem if that person meets someone else and does other things, such as painting, making music or doing something else he or she loves.
Are we ready for such a paradise?
I do not know.
I can only speak for myself.
Am I ready for such a paradise?
A bit, probably not quite yet.
I want to be ready.
I want to be able to live in something like that, because it’s beautiful, but I would probably also have some behaviors, reflexes from the old world.
What is paradise to you?
What would your Eden look like?