Verification of the progress of the work on Self. Pendulum or dreams?

Today I will tell you about ways to verify the progress in working on yourself.
As a human being, we need a signpost, some determinant, a compass, a map, so that we know where we are, but being subjective it is difficult for us to assess it so reliably.
The first tool that comes to mind is a test.
Let’s say psychological.
We can write down what we want to achieve and what we are like.
How badly we behaved in the past, and so on, and then look at these notes in a while and remember.
Did we really do better or worse in a similar situation ?
But will we remember a similar situation and no.
Nothing has changed, or indeed.
Of course, there is a risk here that we judge ourselves again, so we can deceive ourselves one way or the other, because attitudes are different here.
We judge ourselves by comparing ourselves to ourselves as we were before, not to someone who is today, because well.
Everyone is different, it’s hard to compare two different people.
Everyone is just as if in their own unique category.
I’ve talked about it before and that’s why here.
It should be understandable, if not, then I invite you to that video about freedom and individuality of an individual in a group.
So how do you verify yourself?
How can we find out if we are better?
Answer such a simple question, because if you want to change, it’s worth having a compass.
As I say – a map.
If we don’t have this, then our work on ourselves may simply consist only in the fact that they have developed these psychological defense mechanisms that will simply reassure us that we are better than we are, but we will not change at all, or we’ll even get worse.
People may have too much faith in psychology, and psychology is about the same level as religion or esotericism.
Of course.
They have human models that are useful.
They have tools that can diagnose many things.
It is much better in this respect.
They can name and observe a lot of things because they have these statistical surveys that show some correlation between different personality traits, behaviors, or the tendencies of different types of people.
The problem is that if there is no human, no matter what tools he uses.
Whether psychology or esoteric spells, or religious prayers, beads.
It does not matter if there is not really a man behind this man, that is , there is just a person who repeats what is, even not, well, let’s say, but acquired the knowledge, somewhere in college and pigeonholed people, just like her coming.
If someone comes to consult me, I try to look at the world through the eyes of that man, because everyone is individual and with the things that I know.
What do I know from my own experience.
Is what comes to me so intuitively.
I try to suggest something to this person, get to the truth and advise some specific solutions or opportunities that this person can take.
Psychology, psychology itself is a tool and you have to remember that.
It is not an exact science, such as physics or chemistry.
It is a humanistic science, maybe not even a science per se.
People who need help themselves very often go to psychology in the hope that they will find such help there or that they will be able to help themselves thanks to psychology.
But it is the other way around, that when you help yourself, psychology is not that important anymore, that is, it is helpful.
It is like a supplement, but if you are not strong on your own.
If he hasn’t worked through a lot of things in his life, he hasn’t understood, hasn’t faced his dark sides.
He had, so to speak, a light life, though.
I don’t know how many people have a light life today, but let’s just say it wasn’t broken.
He grew stronger.
Then someone like that can help.
Because he speaks from experience and speaks truthfully, he does not repeat words.
which are not actually his.
You can quote other people.
I am not saying that we have to come to everything ourselves, but we come to something inspired by someone else, and not say that we have achieved something by repeating someone else’s words, this is the difference.
Such still wise words.
Look with your mind when someone advertises and you will understand that they don’t care about advertising you.
Maybe thanks to this, it will be easier to distinguish between those who are honest and cheaters.
However, it is also the case that people deceive themselves and then try to help others, feeling that they are better thanks to it.
But in fact, there is no real help there because it is then private anyway.
It is just to make you feel good.
There are psychological tests and they can tell us something about us.
There are dreams.
After all, not everyone has, or not everyone remembers their dreams.
But maybe it’s worth writing them down.
Maybe it is worth interpreting, but with our own dream book, we do not create some common human * dream book, because it depends on what a given thing means to us in this dream.
Then we will be able to very quickly receive some hints from above or from some of our higher particles by means of sleep .
In dreams, not only the interpretation of the dream is important here, but actually, for me personally, it is more important.
How am I in this dream.
What is my attitude, because in a dream there are no such structures, no mechanisms that set us up in our everyday life, and I will not do that, because there is something there.
In dreams we are who we really are.
I mean, who we are, without limits, without any brakes.
Oh Well, this is the greatest value of sleep for me.
Their interpretation, on the other hand, is rather of little help to me, because I can consciously enter myself, attract various visions that tell me about a specific matter.
Whether for me or for other people.
In my opinion, one of the better tools, or a category of tools, are such intuitive tools.
So these are tools such as turning off the mind, relaxing.
Are we actually entering the state of.
Spiritual states are best, but as high as we can, let’s say here.
And thanks to this, in this state, we are able to verify something, because we are in such a distance from ourselves.
Thanks to this, we can check, for example , if we really love other people more?
Do we love ourselves more ?
Do I have problems with this or with that?
What is going to happen in the future and theoretically everything, the hints can then come down to us and we can verify these visions or hints with a pendulum and, for example , astral scales, but in fact, we only need any tool.
We can do it with automatic writing, download this information, but again it has to be somehow verified.
The pendulum is not the only tool there.
There are others as well, but it is very precise and I recommend it.
About who you are.
You will know what you are like, not your words, but deeds by deeds.
This is perhaps one of the older wisdoms.
Yes, that’s it, so hold on.