To make life meaningful. Self-development and My Story

Today I am going to talk about how self-development changed my life.
The beginning of my development is the moment when my friend in elementary school, somewhere, lent me a book on this subject.
Today, as if I would not recommend this book to anyone and I have read it only once then.
However, she inspired me to write a few, some kind of goals, dreams that I would like to achieve.
And I repeated these dreams like mantras over and over.
Before going to bed, during the day, when it happened to me.
And today, when I look at what I wrote there, that’s probably all.
Maybe with some modifications, maybe with some asterixes, so to speak.
But it came true.
And …
Do I owe it to that book?
Probably not much, but you have to start somehow.
Then the biggest thing that changed me somewhere was parkour.
I came across parkour in 2005.
I was then, I think, 16 years old.
And we started training with my brother and a friend like that, then a good friend, on vacation.
It was somehow, even I didn’t see it, but it was some kind of attention report or something.
which inspired us to …
“Wow, that’s cool.
What’s this?” We looked on the internet.
There was not much there about that.
However, parkour, well.
What is parkour?
It is a form of psychophysical activity consisting of safe, effective and quick movement in any terrain.
I once coined this definition, because for me, it was as if this philosophical aspect of parkour was quite important.
Hence, this development.
I’m still training today, but well, not as much as I would like.
However, somehow I keep the smaller, smaller and larger form there.
Some things might be easier for me to do today, some things I won’t.
On the other hand, parkour has changed me permanently And somewhere this philosophy.
Be strong, be useful, be useful.
The rest of it is from a cool movie: Pilgrimage.
I don’t know if it is anywhere to find.
This is such a film, well, one of the traceurs, i.e.
people training parkour, recorded it and there was a nice text.
I don’t remember who wrote this text.
But I remember it was in that movie.
A true master is not one with many disciples, but one with many masters.
After parkour, after parkour, I went to different places.
I was looking, because I had a period of loss and …
I was looking for various things.
I came across all kinds of conspiracy theories but on the other hand, I also became interested in diet.
Some kind of healthy eating, or just general aspects in life that are with us every day, i.e.
let’s say.
First of all, taking care of the physical body, but also other aspects, such as religion.
Lots of things like that, I just wanted them to be mine, to be my decisions.
Okay, but skipping the details.
Eventually, after various turbulent situations there, I found Zbigniew Jan Popko and he helped me when I was in a rather big hole then.
I would say full stop.
And he helped me right away when no one else could.
I just kind of …
Regarding those words, what I just said about the masters.
I wanted to learn this.
Then I decided that I also wanted to help people in this way, and of course, in the beginning, it was not possible at all.
I needed to get back to some normal state to be able to start working on myself at all, but thanks, thanks to Zbyszek.
Is it thanks to the knowledge he teaches.
Thanks to the readings on the scales, or rather.
Also visions, contact with the Mountain, contact with some higher part of itself and the verification of whether it is a real contact, whether it is some kind of illusion, simply some fantasy.
It is thanks to this that I arranged my life in such a way that today I am happy and those dreams that I wrote down for myself as a child in elementary school, I slowly came true.
And I remember it was about being in a relationship.
It was not that I was so good, that for someone I will love in the future, with whom I will be happy.
And today I am happy.
All these aspects, both mundane and financial and some minor.
I am assured on such a level that I am at least calm.
Well, I don’t have any cars, I don’t know what, but it’s not a matter of being there, to have so many things, to be rich.
Because I like the definition of wealth that I learned somewhere from Maciej Wieczorek.
That wealth is that peace.
Both that we have time and money.
We have all the money we need.
Not as much as we want, but how much is really needed for us to live happily for ourselves, to fulfil our true dreams.
Not for show, not for the social pressure we have.
It is too easy to get lost in this life and …
pursue goals that are empty.
Yesterday, in reflection on this topic, I wrote something like that dreams should be something that gives us happiness all the time.
Along the way too.
However, if something is just that when we achieve this goal, then we feel a temporary relief and we get tired along the way, well, it probably is not possible.
What did I even want to talk about?
Today I would like to share with you such a general idea that, passions, that what we do, what we love gives meaning to our lives.
It is important.
Apart from the fact that you know you have to have some responsibilities.
You have to ensure your existence and, of course, be a responsible mature person, but also a child to be able to enjoy what you already have, not only be sad about what you don’t have.
There is always something you don’t have.
But there’s always something to have as well.
Regarding these passions …
I don’t know if it is needed at all, maybe I won’t even quit it, but …
I’ve been interested in many things in my life.
This is how I tried to be such a man of the Renaissance, such a versatile man and knowledgeable about many things, at least essential in life, at least those that I consider important today.
Obviously, I will not be good at all types of sport, but …
Parkour, as such a general developmental discipline , I would say, how does it give me such a feeling that I have control over my body, I have some awareness of this physical body and …
more or less I am also competent, because this translates to in some way to other fields whether it is sports, whether it’s a team game or something.
Already this physical fitness is useful because …
To be strong to be useful.
As if this usefulness is important to me in what I do.
I think so , that’s my philosophy.
And among the various things that I did was make board games and of course you know some drawing, painting.
I made mock-ups of the yard, e.g.
in the sand, from various small things.
It was with my brother like we were kids.
I created maps when we went on bicycle trips.
I used Lego bricks to create all kinds of things that I just imagined.
Not that it was in the manual.
We had a mix of different types of building blocks and I was just building whatever I could think of.
There was such a book.
What was there to buy.
And I just figured it out, how to do it without the bricks that are there.
Just like that.
I know that I was creating a plan – a projection from the top, as if the apartment in which I lived.
And now, I’m wondering, boy, that I had such a spatial imagination that I was able to imagine it as a child as if not everyone has it.
But today I am a programmer by profession, so I also went this way.
Although she also wrote poetry, I was interested in dinosaurs.
Anyway, you can see a few lines somewhere on my page.
The same is parkour, if you’re interested.
Of course, yes – computer games, computer games and board games.
Playing and creating them.
I was more of a computer game, so I was creating board games, but I was also creating computer games.
What else …
I can still remember that I wanted to learn to play a keyboard at all I could not even read the notes, and already wanted to write something, I wrote a piece there some work there.
I don’t even know if it is anywhere, but I remember it was.
I wanted to write a book and many, many projects like that, not even finished, but such that I wanted to do it.
There were a lot of ideas and just as it may not make sense to go back to the past, but what we are reflects a bit in it, what we did, what we do, what we could do, what we wanted to do, says what we are and what we are.
how we change.
The goals we strive to achieve and all of this defines what kind of person we are.
If you need help to support some targeting, first I invite you to go to the website
Finally, I have one question for you: Tell me what turns you on in life, what is your passion, some hobby, something, something that you just wake up when you wake up, or at least it used to be that you wake up and ” Wow, I’ll be doing it “When you are a small child, your child only thinks all the time to create something, draw, invent something.
It was beautiful.
What is such a thing for you?
Until then, see you later.