Looking at yourself – Distance Technique

Hi, my name is Przemek and I wanted to tell you a little more about the conversation with the internal dialogue person I was talking about recently.
Let’s say we know why it is worth talking to each other.
Now the question is who we are talking to.
Who is the man.
Because it is something.
Is this someone more complex than we first think?
We know who we are.
We know what our day looks like, our life.
However, who we are is not always the same.
Sometimes we are driven by emotions, sometimes by thoughts, sometimes by needs.
Are there any programs.
Sometimes we don’t know what we’re doing.
Are all the bodies we have these shells, that is.
Physical body, but also energy, i.e.
thoughts and emotions.
Well, they have a different impact on us and sometimes what may seem to us is somehow prompted in advance or some revelation it.
It is just a mind barking or some need that rules us.
It is good to be able to distinguish when our mind, when speaking thoughts , when there is something that is not appropriate to hear it.
It is worth understanding it and being aware of where it comes from, but not always to follow this voice and with such a cool technique to understand it from the distance technique.
It means to imagine, for example, that when you talk to yourself you are such tiny people somewhere on Earth, or that you are a bird and all instead of people are birds and some other animals that you have sprung up, so to speak, in your imagination.
We already catch such a distance and these everyday matters are not pulled anymore and we can then look at it more objectively.
A technique that I am mentioning recently is to write down our conversations, which means that thanks to the fact that we write them down, we can look at them physically and judge it a bit from the perspective of a third person that someone is saying something and what to advise someone who has such a problem.
It’s just easier then.
Of course, I also recommend Zbigniew Jan’s human meditations that put them in the right states.
However, on a daily basis, to enter this meditation, to be meditation, to learn it, such techniques are useful somewhere.
When there is a thought that tires us, it is like I said recently.
It’s worth already having this solution ready with that from this conversation.
If it is described, do you just need to be at the back of your head to know where the dialogue is, where these thoughts lead and what the solution is.
This conversation with us is a conversation with the man we are in.
It allows us to understand ourselves but also to be a more calm person and think first and then do something.
Because if our words are said so.
That’s not good.
This means that we control ourselves, that we are such an automaton, a worker who walks and then the mind will of course explain why we did and.
And it will calm us down.
Question Who do we want to be, where do we strive.
What I start on a path if the direction of change is for the better.
I hope.
I think it is quite important in all this internal dialogue and in general work on myself.