Inner Dialogue – How to deal with intrusive thoughts?

Hi, I’m Przemek.
Today I wanted to talk about communicating with myself.
Why is it worth learning.
Why is it worth working on this aspect of this personal development.
It came to me many times, when I was working on myself, I had such a problem that , in general, everything is fine, but from time to time there was a thought that was tormenting me, it came back to me and I still knew that it was incorrect, but I was flabbergasted as if I couldn’t do it redo.
In good condition.
It’s not my problem, but there were moments and I do.
I had a hard time recovering from this state.
What helped me was just such a conversation with myself.
Of course, Zbyszek’s actions are meditation and calm down, but in general every day that these thoughts come to be written down as in the form of an internal dialogue.
I wrote it to you on my mobile phone, sometimes I also wrote it on paper.
And when I wrote down such a dialogue, it also tires me.
And a natural thought came to me, as if a hint from above why this topic was like that.
On the one hand, I was the kind of person who had this problem, and on the other hand, some awareness of a hint came from above and thanks to this they can get to some there.
Enough of the solution to this problem and then the terrorists stopped when they returned later.
I could take this solution and apply it right away.
Then, in seconds, they can just break it and then it doesn’t have to show up anymore.
Because if I remembered the solution or if it had already become normal that he did not torment him.
So it’s the precise formulation of dream thoughts of observing all that we perceive this world is.
In this sense, it is art.
Some kind of tool and skill that is worth knowing if we want to understand ourselves.
And as we understand it, he told us.
I understand what it means to love.
As we understand our thoughts, it is closer to us.
Is it easier for us to love ourselves.
Though loving yourself doesn’t require full understanding.
But it certainly makes it easier and when we understand ourselves, it is also easier for us to love other people because.
By analogy, we realize that someone may have the same.
And by understanding ourselves or communicating with each other, we can solve problems more easily and we can simply become better.
As a human.
And just be happy again.
And thanks to the fact that we are happy, the world will be better.
Because even if we were somehow active and did not help others, the same is that we will have a good mood, we will be some kind of support, let’s say energy , in the sense that we will not burden anyone with such support that it will come.
We will be an example that you can be a good person and happy at the same time.
This is already a lot.