How to start self improvement – 7 simple techniques

I was like that, aa, unbreakable.
Hi This world is a terrible place.
We are blind with our hands tied.
We can’t even fall because we’re already lying.
And yet we can still collapse.
We are the fading echo of a real man.
To get out of the swamp we must first realize that we are drowning.
We don’t control our lives but Darkness, which slowly consumes us.
The world is a hard place.
AND pretending otherwise believing that we are already perfect that we don’t have to do anything because God made us, we close ourselves roads to Freedom.
We cut off all help for ourselves and a chance for change.
As if working on yourself begins with a decision, that despite everything, despite the fact that it is hard, that there will be pain and suffering, I want to change, because I want it to have value.
Where to start?
In a more optimistic manner.
Clean your house, clean your room.
Clean Yourself first, both physically and energetically.
Start physically in your room, from where you are, where you live, where you sleep.
Start with simple things.
Give yourself 15 minutes, or half an hour, maybe an hour to make something better in this room, that it would be better, it would be prettier.
Maybe some cables stick out somewhere?Since long ago they were tangled up.
Maybe it’s worth arranging them?
Maybe some piles of papers are lying?
Maybe some disordered things on the shelf?
Maybe there is a mess in some drawer?
Maybe something more conspicuous?
Maybe some things postponed?
Maybe a mug is standing?
Or something…
Just take the time to make it better.
And then you will notice how in the blink of an eye something will change for the better.
Of course it’s a minor thing, it’s just nothing but this is the first step.
I’ve been cleaning my room for years.
As if it were something that I wanted order to be.
I wanted to always know where things are so that everything has its place so that unnecessary things were thrown away, they needed to be available.
And I feel like in such a home of mine, in a place where it’s mine.
I feel this is more of my place because of this.
If you want to fix something bigger, then fix something smaller first.
The world is complicated.
You’re complicated.
People are puzzle.
So start with simple things, from scratch.
I can’t express how important the basics are.
Really important.
Without it, the next steps, even if you’re doing great, will eventually collapse.
There must be a solid foundation.
I know this, of course, from my own experience, from the mistakes I have made.
If you make yours, it’s okay.
Everyone makes them but remember that the sooner you recover, the sooner you understand to to build from scratch just like a house is built.
Doesn’t it start with rooftops?
Let’s get back to the energetic parts of your being, parts of your life, because you physically have a body, you have a house, you have a car or something.
In a way, it’s a part of you because you care about it you care about it.
At least you should.
After all, your family is also there, your closest colleagues, maybe friends, people at work, at school.
It all constitutes you in some way.
Clean up there too.
You can clean it up place…
energetically If you’ve never energetically cleansed, you have not had contact with Zbigniew Jan Popko, or with what he does that probably, actually 100% means, that you have certain blockages in you.
And the easiest way for you, I think, is listening to the recording, which just deletes these blocks, that cleans your space and sets you up.
If you have any specific problems, there are more such prepared actions and things to help you like that – right away.
It’s just as if you ordered a team that knows it just pressing a button.
And it’s all free.
As if I’m not advertising anything here to make money or for someone to earn.
And I just recommend it because I know it works.
Suppose you, um, you don’t believe in such things, some energetic or you are afraid of it or something like that.
There are things you can do anyway, and I think everyone should.
First, have a goal in life.
What are you striving for?
Define your goal.
And it can change.
At least define a goal to give direction to your life.
Once you have your main goal, break it down into smaller steps.
Maybe some milestones, but most of all for the smallest tasks, that will bring you closer to this goal.
So if you want to write a book, then don’t let step to be a “Write half a book” or “chapter”.
Just let it be “I will write 2 pages of the book today”.
Or, I don’t know, some kind of “fragment”.
Will I “correct half a chapter”.
Something that won’t scare you, something that won’t be a huge step, because …
Aim low enough.
I don’t say “Don’t aim at all”.
I don’t say “aim down”.
I say “Aim low enough”.
Low enough for what you do was progress, it led you to your final goal, but or the main one, but at the same time, make it so easy that it’s practically impossible for you not to do it.
And, as if the idea is that you will have this goal in advance, let’s say, the kind you are striving for in the future, what you do today will be a reward for you, because you know that it brings you closer to this main goal.
Plus: If you were afraid you would fail, then use that fear as a driving force.
Let it push you.
Let it be scarier if you fail than having to do something.
If you want to change something in your life, then you will do new things which can be scary.
Just do something.
If you want to achieve it, then you do it.
If you go to the toilet, you go to the toilet, no doubt if you can do what you are going there for.
Let me tell you on my example.
I used to want to get into the fire department.
And I was doing my best to get there.
I was improving my high school diploma, so every day I did a number of tasks to improve my mathematics, that was then.
I had to learn to swim because I couldn’t swim at all and fitness tests were required there for swimming.
And I was stubborn.
There was no failure.
I did everything to make it succeed.
And finally I was able to pass these fitness tests.
I was able to swim in good time.
I was the last of the few that swam there then.
And I improved my high school diploma enough to have, I don’t know, 30th place from 800 people.
Including later, with fitness test, but when I trained parkour, it was not so difficult anyway.
And they rejected me on psychological tests.
But, well …
Does that mean I have failed?
In a way, yes.
I didn’t get into the fire department, but …
However, still, to this day, when I recall it, I have the satisfaction that I made it there these fitness tests that I learned to swim.
That it was all …
I was so …
Kind of unstoppable.
I was like that, aa, unbreakable.
It was cool.
Of course it hurt me then I find out but other things came out of it.
I got on a better university, for IT.
Sometimes the goals are not there to be achieved, just to go in some direction.
In order not to stand still.
Or maybe you don’t know what you want?
Well then…
In that case…
Maybe your goal should be to find what do you love what will made you wake up in the morning and you thnik to yourself: “Yes, now, or in a moment I will be able to do this or that.
May you at least have a passion.
Because, of course, there are duties and the day should contain these duties somewhere, so that you can go to sleep in peace.
Plan a day that you will be happy with.
We do many activities, usual ones, that aa How do I get up?
What am I eating?
How, I don’t know how often I wash?
Just such everyday activities, such ordinary activities.
Someone would say it has no effect.
All these activities take a long time during the day.
If you will be a master in them, then firstly, you will feel better, because if you eat healthier, will you sleep comfortably …
As if you would take care of all these activities to make them better.
If you brush your teeth thoroughly, you will avoid, for example, a dentist.
If you’re really good at these things well, it will pay off over time.
And it really matters.
Am I a master at this?
Of course not.
As if I am learning, but I have changed a lot in my life, even in such stupid things.
I have invested in a better mattress.
I have invested in it.
Or I eat as healthy as I can.
It is really simple.
Well, or start with the room.
This always is a good start.
At the end, one more thing: Or maybe you are still not convinced?
It’s pointless…
Pff Maybe …
Maybe you don’t love yourself?
Why would you do something for yourself if you feel worthless?
Start here.
Love yourself.
This is not easy.
And that’s not a topic for this video but that’s where to start.
And before that, if it’s really bad with you I am sending You to Zbyszek.
For action, healing, videoblogs.
What will help, it will give you such a kick to start at least and let you be at least free if you want.
Because it is a matter of your choice.
That’s it for today.
Hold on.