How to love yourself – step by step

Once upon a time I didn’t love myself at all.
I felt useless …
So acceptance, feeling good in your own company.
What do you need it for?
Why would you change it?
Why would you do this?
Maybe you think it is impossible, that there are things about you that you will never accept, that cannot be changed.
Loving yourself is the first step in working on yourself.
It is there to be happy, to be able to change.
To change anything, You have to accept it as it is.
If you argue with reality, it won’t lead to anything good.
There are bad things, there are hard things, there are ugly and unacceptable things, but You, the world around You, is not one of those things.
You are wonderful, you are wonderful.
Why should you love yourself?
First, to feel better with yourself.
After all, you are with yourself all your life.
What does this loving yourself lead to?
Thanks to this, you will be able to love other people better.
You will be able to love them for real.
If you don’t love yourself, you’ll still be a hindrance.
You yourself will like a log on the road that you throw yourself.
As long as everything is fine, as long as you are in joy and the situation is favourable.
That’s when it works out, you love yourself, you love others, and everything is fine.
But whenever something just a little, even it doesn’t have to be a big deal, but it hits you, some weak point of yours, maybe some complex, something from the past, then you change, you are not yourself.
Who are you?
Loving Yourself also allows you to answer this question: Who are you?
Why are you here?
And you won’t be perfect.
And today there is still a lot to change.
Same with me.
But I understand that it needs to be changed, that it can be changed, that it is great fun.
Not loving yourself, on the other hand, leads to withdrawal from life.
It’s really putting your problems where they don’t exist.
Not loving yourself leads to conflicts with others, to internal conflicts.
How to start?
Start by figuring out what this state of loving yourself is.
What does it even mean that you accept yourself, that you like your body as it is.
It doesn’t have to be perfect at all, but that it accepts as it is.
Even by dismissing it as ugly, breaking away from it and realizing that it is such a pet.
Loving your thoughts, emotions, dreams, desires, past, accepting what has happened.
As you understand, logically, what you have to be to love yourself then this is the first step.
The next step is to feel it, to enter such a situation, to enter such a state that you love yourself, that it is 100 percent, that it is such that just no matter what would happen at that moment, you will not doubt who you are.
Maybe you have had this experience before, maybe you have experienced it in the past, Maybe there was a moment when you did something and you thought yes!
I am cool!
Remember a moment like this, if not, try to create one.
Imagine that you are someone else, that you are yourself, but the way you want to be.
There is experience associated with understanding.
You may have this experience in this life, real, physical, but it is much easier to have in prayer.
Zbigniew Jan Popko led many of these prayers and you can get into it yourself when you learn it.
I will put links somewhere in the description.
But it is very important that you understand that loving yourself is such a state, it is like learning something, let’s say, some figure in a dance and you know how to do it, and then your whole body sort of arranges itself kind of instinctively.
Once you have this state, you know what it is, then, of course, you will still fall out of it, it will not be constantly in you.
But when you will work on it, when you will look, pay attention to yourself, watch yourself and analyze, or at least observe what you are doing, how you act, is it loving yourself or not?
I will analyze such specific situations in the next video, but here I want to say that when it comes into your blood, into a habit, when it stays permanently in you, then you will be able that you really love yourself.
One hundred percent.
But even then, there may be still more difficult times that you will fall out of it.
Only then, without effort, will you automatically return to your natural state.
One more question for you.
Because I think you know about various things that you don’t like about you, that are bad and incorrect.
Write down on a piece of paper what you don’t like about you, what needs to be changed, what is just such that it absolutely cannot be.
But also write yourself the things you love yourself for.
We often don’t know this because nobody says it.
When it’s okay, we just don’t hear anything.
However, when there is something wrong with us, others will be happy to tell us about it.
But write down so honestly which of these things you want to change, and just do it.
Try your best.
In small steps, as I mentioned in one of the first videos.
Achieve it, change it a little.
If it is about any behavior, okay, make a note of your progress, etc.
If it is about appearance, work on it.
Maybe introducing one healthy habit is enough?
Thanks to habits without motivation, without willpower, You are able to achieve a lot.
Once upon a time, I didn’t love myself at all.
I felt useless and such a bleh.
But today, after years of working on myself, I actually achieved self-love, I don’t know, let’s say in 2-3 years.
In the meantime, I managed to write it down like that, lose it completely and write it down again.
So then it is possible.
But earlier it wasn’t.
That’s all for today.
Hold on.