How to change – Forgiving yourself

Today I ‘m going to talk about forgiving myself, but first I want to talk about a very important topic.
One, or perhaps the most important thing in this development, in this change for the better, is the states of love, forgiveness, whether for yourself or for others.
It is like such a basis.
This is where it starts.
This is what further things are built upon.
That is why it is very important that these lessons are the first to be learned, and at the same time that they are well understood, lived through experience and maintained later.
Once they are permanently saved with us.
This is very important, and it cannot be done in the mind, or by working with emotions, thoughts, or even needs.
These states must result from higher dimensions.
They must come from the higher parts of our being.
From spiritual dimensions, or at least highly energetic.
I’ll tell you about it again sometime.
Today I can refer to the materials in the description, but the key to developing, maintaining, or first understanding these states is experiencing them in prayer or meditation.
The differences between the two, I will also put material under the description, because this video blog would be about many things, and I want to focus on forgiving myself.
I have talked about self-love before, but I think there was not enough emphasis on prayer, meditation.
Is actually contact with the spiritual world in general.
This is the key to this whole development, to being better as a human being.
Of course, you can do these things without contact with the spiritual world, although in fact, if you do it without conscious spiritual contact, this contact somewhere out there is probably even unconscious, partial somewhere in moments so much that if we do not have these hints in advance then we have to look for an answer to our problem for a long time .
Where is there something to change?
Where is there anything to pass?
Where do we go wrong?
Are we making such a mistake at all?
Everything is better visible in advance, which is why the hints from there are extremely valuable and allow you to save months, even years.
In fact, if you tried to work without such contact with the spiritual world , this work on yourself would simply drag on your whole life.
And only during the last period of life would we be able to change or say something, but it would be too late to change something, because the physical body dies.
It is important to verify what comes from above.
Is it really this dimension, the level we want?
Which guarantees correct answers or hints.
Is what comes down to us real?
Do we understand well what comes to us?
It is very important to have it verified, because in the end we build ourselves, build our lives, and even more than this life based on it.
We build our attitude, which we will take with us somewhere after death.
I will also record material about verification, but at this point I want to focus on forgiving myself.
What this self-forgiveness is.
First, it is such a resolution that you want to be better.
It is a kind of work on your mistakes that we see.
It is.
A decision that I will correct the mistakes and look to the future so as not to make them again.
Another thing when it comes to forgiving yourself is remembering that mistakes also result from imperfections of the physical body, mind, or twisted emotions, thoughts, needs that govern us.
These things are to be worked through, but before we work through these things, before we put everything the way it should be.
We need to understand that through years of programming through the system, programming by various other institutions that are detrimental to human development.
We have acquired different habits, programs, or even a vision of the world that contradicts or misses reality.
It will be some time before all of this settles into us .
Therefore, let us forgive ourselves or accept, in a way , that we will make these mistakes, accept that our body is not indestructible, that we have limitations, that we are not perfect, always bright, knowing everything and intelligent.
We are imperfect and in accepting it, just like loving ourselves, so on forgiving ourselves.
It helps us to be better as a human.
Because it’s enough that we honestly want to be better.
Also regarding these downloading visions or prayers, scenes from above about states of love, forgiveness or others.
The important thing is to remember that if you want to redo something, it has to be honest.
It has to be a real pure intention, and there is nothing wrong with it.
Of course, there is nothing wrong with the fact that we want to be happy, but we cannot be ruled by motives, that we will be better, so we will be better than others, that we exalt ourselves , that we want to get it over with, that I missed it, I passed it I’m already perfect because I am not.
These states are credited, hardened, i.e.
permanently saved, we can also lose and I have often lost the saved states myself .
Everything is changeable and if we are destroyed in the right time, we will be in a difficult situation and we will not be able to rise above emotions and thoughts, we may lose this forgiveness or love.
Or the higher states that are still there, compassion, co-creation, mercy.
There is much more of it, and that is where our direction is, our goal is there and our path is there.
I’ve said this before, but I want to point it out again.
It is important to take responsibility for your life, for your shells, whether your thoughts, emotions, etc.
And to fix the mistakes they make.
Remember that you are a human being, and as a human this being itself.
This awareness that can wake up here.
You are wonderful perfect.
Just like it was in the step about loving yourself.
But these other coatings, they are degraded, twisted, and here are the problems.
Our behavior is something separate, and of course you have to correct these mistakes, take responsibility for them, as I say, but at the same time remember that you are human.
And what that means to you.
Exactly what that means to you.
This is a good question.
I am going to read to you two sentences that I wrote down yesterday about forgiving myself.
The first thing is that forgiving yourself comes with diligence, patience.
At least that’s how I see it.
Thanks to diligence because we fix mistakes, and patience because it will take us time.
Still, what this self-forgiveness is in another way, maybe.
Giving meaning to my life by taking it into my own hands, so everything matters and I take responsibility for it according to my perfection.
So it follows that our perfection dictates, as it were, what forgiveness is.
How we grow and include new dimensions.
Is it a lesson from personal or individual, ie.
Is it a lesson from love, forgiveness and unity with the world.
Is courage, diligence etc.
out of individuality.
In both of these cases.
changing, the picture of these previous lessons changes a little.
It is another thing to forgive yourself when we are at the beginning of the road, and something else when we enter, for example, into the energy stream.
Or on the Channel.
Mountain, you can say it.
She showed me a scene that this work on oneself is like a bicycle, but in which one of the wheels is so heavy and we have to start it first, only after a while to start and go, that it takes time to see the effects of our work at the beginning.
Do not be stressed that something is not going well today.
Focus on the smallest things, on the fact that you recovered a little faster, that you humbly accept subsequent mistakes, that you understand that I am obviously imperfect.
I am imperfect, but I try constantly without giving up and it will keep getting better.
Take care!