How strive to paradise? How to build Eden?

I wish this for you.
Crumbs of Eden.
How to create the paradise I talked about before?
How to strive for something like this?
How to build it?
Because no one will enter such Eden if he or she is not ready for it, because he or she would destroy it, he or she would see it as some commune or …
Or it would simply reject him or her.
To be able to live in something like this, we must first change.
We have to prepare ourselves for the fact that other people are kind of a part of us, that it is all so common, that we love them.
First, we have to learn to love ourselves, and here I am referring to the material about loving yourself.
Later we love and forgive other people as well.
This is a good basis.
These two lessons, or actually four, because loving, forgiving, and loving, forgiveness for others.
This is a very good basis to be able to go on, to be able to build on it, such a foundation.
If you think that paradise, there are, I don’t know, 12 virgins and a lot of food and everything that other people would serve you, or, as if, endless holidays, that it would be paradise, I wish you would get it as soon as possible to realize that it was not so.
It’s not paradise, it’s boring and pointless, meaningless like that.
Of course, when we are missing, we have no time to rest, we do not hope for a vacation, we do not hope for anything better.
This is what we need and we think we need it.
It is then, if we only have a beach and lie fallow, it would be great.
But when we get it, when we have it all provided, we don’t have to worry about anything, it gets boring.
People are then looking for impressions, looking for some adventures, looking for challenges.
Because what certainly gives us joy and happiness, such a sense of fulfillment and some …
value in life is progress.
When we feel something has changed for the better.
So …
this is what I wish you.