How can You be happy? Does money bring happiness?

It’s not just this physical contact.
What is happiness?
How to achieve it?
Let’s start with that this is the wrong question.
Happiness should not be the goal.
Happiness should be like a reward or a way.
If happiness could be achieved that is, at some point, it would be moment that we will be happy.
It is already achieved and there no need to do anything.
That’s it.
We will always be happy.
It doesn’t look like that.
Happiness is a fleeting state and striving for it as if is disastrous.
Of course.
I’m not saying not to be happy.
If those moments happen in which that happiness is, you should take advantage of it.
That is because we have no control over it.
We do not have full control.
There are so many things that affect it that we cannot create such a magic solution that we will always be happy.
Happiness is a bit wrong understood in our world.
We have a lot of suffering here a lot of pain and difficult moments.
And when there is no suffering, there are no these fears, anxieties, all that somewhere torments us, we call it happiness.
And that’s maybe not even contentment.
The money question, then.
Does money bring happiness?
Money, as by themselves the money does not bring happiness.
They are a tool.
For some, it’s a tool or rather more commonly used for robbing people of their work.
Because once when you did work, what you have earned something, you had it.
If you planted something, you had it.
If you built something or you have grown it, then you have it.
It comes from your work.
And today?
This work is taken from these people who work and given to those who rule.
Of course, It doesn’t mean everyone should get paid the same or each job is there just as valuable, but there can’t be that huge disproportions.
Like it there is also one of these elements that allow you not to suffer.
You need money because you need food, you need shelter, some feeling, like security, like something the unexpected happened, then you are able to deal with it, because somehow money, however, influence many things in this physical world.
There really isn’t the choice to change something on a larger scale it requires money.
So I recommend Maciek Wieczorek here.
He deals with this topic and I’ve known him since many years.
[It’s irrelevant outside of Poland] Another thing is of course health.
This too is very important to be healthy so that you can avoid suffering.
As if health itself, is a great value and of course it should be respected, it should be taken care of and appreciated.
But if we’re just healthy, then it’s not enough to be happy.
Many people are healthy and their happiness does not come from this.
Although It can also give you happiness when before you were not healthy and you recovered.
It is then understandable like this contrast.
You then appreciate your health more, but it passes, because later when you are healthy all the time, then you can’t keep going on being healthy and happy about it.
We also need some kind of freedom to be able to be at least think about happiness, or about some contentment because in prison, even being healthy and we don’t need money in prison cause we have everything provided, kind of we have shelter, we have food provided etc.
But if we don’t have freedom it is rather suffering.
And one more thing as if to bounce back from scratch, from the bottom, it is some kind of contact with positive people.
Total loneliness, such as isolation from everything closes yourself to people, this too is often suffering.
We just need these people.
As if I am here I’m not saying that you should have a woman, a man or I don’t know what, but if someone was there that at least You would feel presence of the other person.
If they still have the thing apart from that what is needed in order not to suffer have more than that or have some person to live with, share life with, which they may even love, and not only got used to it.
Maybe they have some joy of having children, maybe they have joy of other things, maybe have some passions and so on.
Even though there will be difficult moments, it’s them they can be content and even call it happiness.
To happiness it is still a long way.
And honestly it I could say I’m happy for today, compared to what it used to be.
But that’s why – in comparison today is really good and it has never been better.
But that doesn’t mean it can’t get any better.
Of course, maybe these moments are, these moments of real happiness.
How glad I am that there are people with whom I can talk to who understand me, as if I have earned my happiness for it, but it’s not like I am happy one hundred percent of the time.
I don’t know if it’s achievable, well this is also not a major goal.
It’s more about doing valuable things, do what I feel is my way to do.
And then that happiness will manifest itself.
The satisfaction of having something achieved.
The satisfaction of that after a hard day of work, something came into existence it was not there before, and it is an added value for someone, but also for me.
And that’s what true happiness consists of it is fulfilment, that is, such feeling that we are doing what we want.
As if such dreams, such true desires come true.
We have a job that we love our life looks the way we want it maybe not one hundred percent, but as much as possible.
This is already a lot.
You still need love for happiness, affection at the beginning, or such a maximum affection as love.
We need friendship.
This is a slightly different state and passion.
This is also something else.
This passion is also there, it is in friendship, i.e.
because passion it’s not just this physical contact.
It is also passion when you just feel fine with another person.
If we have a buddy, a buddy we feel comfortable with just fine, we don’t need much talking, we understand each other without words, then this presence of this person helps us, even if she or he didn’t do anything big.
Well, and love?
This is also a deep topic.
Not for today.
Hold on.