Guidance verification – Readings on astral charts

Hi, I’m Przemek.
Today I would like to say more about internal dialogue.
I have already told you why you should listen to him.
Why is it worth listening to your inner voice.
Why is it worthwhile to conduct a dialogue and what parts of our essence take part in this internal dialogue, i.e.
which they tell us.
I was talking about the technique of distance.
This is one of the most important basic things that will allow us.
Get a hint in advance and distinguish if it can increase the chances of this hint being correct.
Today I would like to tell you more about recognizing the source of the inner voice, that is, what the various shells say to us that control us somewhere, and if we are not yet fully formed and fully aware , maybe I will put it this way and now how to recognize how to recognize us speaks.
Of course, the distance technique, quieting down as much as possible increases the chances that the answer will come from above and will be correct.
But how do you know if we have succeeded?
The easiest.
The most reliable technique is to check it and verify it on a scale, that is, on the central scales.
Using a pendulum.
If you have not dealt with it, please visit pl.
There are learning materials there and you can download the scales, make them yourself or buy them.
It is affordable for everyone.
Another thing is simply listening to that inner voice and learning from its mistakes.
When is this a good clue and when is it something.
Something incorrect.
Of course here again the scales.
However, regardless of this , and so I have a hint, we will listen to it or not and see it in life.
Life just verifies it.
What is the effect of this hint.
Whether we listened to it well or not.
And then you can wonder what the hint was, in what state did we get the hint or download it.
And I think that here the experience is necessarily doing its job.
Another thing.
You can visit someone from the guild bioenergotherapist.
Link I think I’ll give you here in the description and just with someone from there.
Who is.
Choose someone who you feel is able to help someone out there.
You like it that way.
Let’s say from a photo or a recording.
And I think that he will be able to help you suggest checking these things for you and at least help you take off.
Another printing issue that Zbigniew leads her can see also when there is the next one.
They are affordable too.
And here is not only a dose of knowledge, but also power.
There is an appropriate state that Zbyszek introduces us or participants, and that.
Well, I recommend it.
If someone wants to learn clairvoyance, etc.
It’s different.
Paranormal skills are not paranormal because they are normal human.
Only forgotten somehow.