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I am Przemek and I am human.
And you?
As a child, I thought a lot.
I wanted to understand everything.
I wanted to be perfect.
I was looking for an ideal that I could strive for.
I just wanted to be better.
There was no one who could fulfil such a function, so I created the image of an ideal human myself.
I was striving for it and at the same time, I am constantly trying to improve it.
I quickly learned that no one would solve my problems for me.
Nobody is in my place and nobody ever will be.
If someone were to be in my place, I would not be here so…
Since I’m already here, too bad, something has to be done about it, I need to go further.
In these searches, in these difficult roads, I got lost more than once, but I was never able to give up.
That’s why I’m here today and offering help, as someone once helped me 10 years ago.
And then I decided to help others, that is what I want to do.
10 years have passed and I have changed a lot.
It was variously: Once I worked very hard on myself, other times a bit less.
Today, however, I am here, before you, before You.
Maybe you need help just like I used to?