Esoteric deception. Oases of Sleep, or how people are used

It turns out that they say random things, whatever it brings to their tongue.
Recently I was talking about the church or religions.
Today I will talk about esotericism and whether, how it could help us to reach this Eden or a better world, for the beginning of our lives, of course.
And so…
Just as the church cuts us off from God, esotericism cuts us off from our own power, tells us that we are nobody, or vice versa, that we have actually achieved everything and do not have to do anything.
There are very different, such strange, extreme attitudes.
Of course, when I say esotericism, I mean people who are self-proclaimed esoterics, clairvoyants, some gurus, coaches, etc.
As if there are also cool people, there are coaches who are real people who speak from experience and can help others.
There are also esotericists who have some real knowledge from somewhere, from experience and somehow use it honestly, while the vast majority are ordinary frauds, or those who deceive themselves, or those who consciously take advantage of others.
Usually, Evil is actually behind them.
Whether consciously or not, but …
I mean, evil is conscious.
People may not know about it.
But there is no truth there.
These are like oases …
not of peace, but of sleep.
This is a good word.
These are places where a person will calm down, but will not go further.
These are such pitfalls.
People looking for the truth, if they can already see that the church, that is the default kind of solution for the majority, is a dead end, they are looking for something else.
And this is where the esoteric business begins, so people say that hell, I know, I see everything, I talk to God etc.
and come to me etc.
As if it is all dressed up in pretty words, it is advertised, but there is no knowledge.
If you really know these subjects a bit, it turns out that they say random things, whatever it brings them to their tongue.
On the assumption that the man who listens to them doesn’t know anything anyway, so he or she will believe whatever they say.
And a lie repeated a hundred, ten thousand, no matter a million times or tens of years, is still a lie.
It doesn’t change anything that chakras have been talked about for centuries if they don’t exist, or if they exist otherwise if you believe in them, but they are a trap, they are like shackles.
Materials that are important somewhere in this topic, I will include in the description, I do not want to develop this topic here, because this is not what this video is for.
I just want to point out how false it all is.
And that’s another story, maybe one or two from my experience.
I was with such a girl once and we had to part because she was alive and believed such an esoteric.
As if I was trying to explain it to her, I was patient, etc.
But at one point I saw that there is no chance, no chance, even if she understands the words that I say to her and accepts it, then when there is some time, as if, left to herself, she comes back to it, because that’s how this man programmed her.
All the things he did to her when he hurt her keep coming back to her and it’s not like a puff and it’s not there.
It really hurts.
It’s really, it’s horrible what he did to this girl.
And then after some time, after a year, or a little more.
She admitted it.
She admitted what he did to her and so on and today she is trying to get back to some normal life there.
Her story is even more complicated, but that’s not the point here.
The point is that such people.
He could really destroy a man.
May she succeed, let her come back to herself and somehow arrange her life, but let her waste some years and we don’t know.
It is not known whether he will return to himself or whether he will rebuild it all, because it is a huge blow.
Esotericism is also a very cool glue for lazy people, because it will tell you that they will do everything for you, that you don’t have to do anything.
Taking your power away from you, or if you have the power you have, but give your energy blood in quotation marks, or literally for them.
And you’re not using your power.
Don’t take a shovel and dig a hole, just hope it will dig itself.
for the grave, but not for the foundations of the house And, of course, for the grave, it won’t dig itself either.
And recently I had another such situation with esotericism.
It was so more direct, as if I was talking to these people there, and somehow it was also there for acquaintances.
Someone there recommended something to me and somehow I say ok, I will see and so on but no, it…
I realized very quickly what it was, but still wanted to understand, I wanted to talk to these people, give them any chance, that they would at least choose to see that hey.
They are talking about something but they don’t even know what they are talking about.
I asked questions.
What is it anyway?
How do you define it?
What does that mean to you?
No, I was somehow hounded and thrown out of some group.
And that’s it.
And if it was, that’s ok.
Cool, I can see what it looks like.
First-person, so to speak.
With my own eyes.
Oh and no.
I must warn you about this, too, because so are churches, so are institutions.
And remember, I’m not talking about specific people here, because often people are lost.
They repeat what has been told them thoughtlessly.
Like robots.
It is about the very mechanisms of evil, how they can manipulate people and use other people for further manipulation and exploitation.
I had this luck.
I didn’t come across such a church or such a very church family.
As if I was a catholic at first.
That’s right, but it wasn’t that I wasn’t hurt that much though.
More than she realizes, probably and esoteric, well, it somehow didn’t mess up with me, either.
Just what I read or saw somewhere.
In the past, there were not so many of these materials and there were no such possibilities.
Today it has multiplied and there is also a lot of it here on YouTube.
Well, well.
Everyone has a free will and this free will uses darkness against people, gives them more tempting offers.
And people will choose it.
It is as it is.
At least in my eyes.
Hang on, good luck building your own Eden together.
It’s Bye!
And one more thing.
Together with Patryk from Idąc do Boga channel we have prepared material on this subject.
Please welcome.