Eden Community – My Thoughts

A sand castle is worth as much as your dreams about it.
And your life as much as there is order and joy in it.
No one has ever wanted to throw a stone at someone else’s sand castle or despise the joy of life at the beginning of another human being.
These are poorer gifts and inhuman gifts that you want to destroy or take over.
What belongs to God’s children, and therefore what cannot be taken over and not destroyed.
Every deed, every ambiguity is recorded in the soul register for centuries, burdens, often pushing into the abyss of oblivion or spiritual death.
This is an excerpt.
The message gained number 2 by Zbigniew Kopa.
The rest I wanted to include this as an introduction.
I want to talk today about community building, about building a community of people who are waking up or thinking about it.
First of all, everyone should have their place and be free in what they do, i.e.
whether they create or create something.
Whatever is his and his and his thing he does.
Everyone should have the right to create their own.
And that’s probably natural.
So the first thing to remember is that somewhere there would be something in common, because there is something in common, we need to feel this community, that we are together, that there are many of us, not that everyone is scratching on the side somewhere.
But you have to remember that it is individual and personal.
That everyone creates what they want , whether they are painting or sculpting or providing some services, consulting or not.
What he does is important, maybe he creates music, it is his individual matter.
And I encourage everyone to go for individuality, to build, to put up some portals or groups to set up.
About what they do.
But on the other hand, as a whole as, say, this movement or idea.
We need such a community of something like this common place where.
Or at least some network of connections that will be organized in some way to achieve this.
From my point of view , we need people who will be dealing with what should be coordinated or managed from different backgrounds.
It cannot be a single group or a certain person.
He will come out in front and they will do it as if.
In my eyes it won’t look good because it will be then.
Even if it is not really like that, it will seem that someone wants to take over someone else’s work, that someone wants to be the most important and rule.
It has to be shared.
Well, ideally, it would be if our portal was created.
Zbyszek talked about it once about such a portal where everything would be, there would be video chats, everything was forums and so on, it would be available there.
However, such a portal has not yet been created and perhaps one day there is a lot of such different groups of attempts to build a community and most of them collapsed.
But there are also good things out of it, because it is.
Anyway, this is what I treated from the very beginning that it is some kind of movement, some training before what is to be created one day, these are essential experiences.
It’s worth having them.
It is worth using them later when building something that will survive.
And it also learns from its mistakes.
So I personally also learned a lot better here and I have a lot.
So if you feel something to create, create as much as possible.
I understand that everyone has the right to create something of their own.
I think that today everyone creates what they feel, but there should be some kind of network.
There should be a center where at least there would be a list of our people so that everyone could have contact with everyone there or an email link to each person so that they were divided into such categories that these people really only create such a list.
Once upon a time, telephone directories would be a directory of our lives.
There is a group here, it does, it is a single person, she deals with it, it provides such services, etc.
But that we would have a common place where we will all be, because it has not been possible to create it yet.
There have been rehearsals and even something cool has already arisen somewhere somewhere and new projects are also being created and are being created.
However, it does not have this in common yet , as I have already said, I encourage everyone to create what he feels.
If he does not feel community at the moment, I would ask him to at least publish it to Zbyszek or to the guild, because that is not done by everyone somewhere either.
It is only such that something we create, and even about Zbyszek, will not be mentioned by some people, and it would be even more fun if at least for this common place that maybe one day will be created, that there should also be a link to this center and that is your whole contribution to the community and do what you think is right but give thanks there and your information about you should also be in the center in my opinion.
And that’s my view on it.
Of course, how it will be, it does not depend on me because I only say my thoughts.
It’s not like I’m going to create anything here.
If someone who will deal with it or someone will want to take advantage of my experience and suggestions, I will be happy to help.
And this is all I can say today because I don’t feel any more.
I don’t know any more.
But what I will create somewhere, I will create it anyway, and these paths have been flying somewhere for a long time.
Nothing really changes here.
Well, consultations are done, still working somewhere regarding the dictionary project, so spiritual or simply.
I develop as a human being.
I would like to say one more thing here.
Zbyszek once gave this answer.
To check them out but with nothing.
Is someone favorable to us or someone is okay and will tell you yes.
Take a look in your mind when someone advertises and you will understand that they don’t care about advertising you.
So if someone talks about himself a lot about what he wants to do, etc.
Maybe there may be something wrong there.
Of course we have a scale, we can check it all.
On the other hand, quickly , if you can see someone in what he says and what he does, he doesn’t care about the other person, maybe it is worth avoiding such a person or such a project somewhere.
And finally, I wanted to say that since we are talking about the community, about a year ago Zbyszek spoke about the community of Eden, that is, he spoke about the doors of Eden, she called it.
And in the video blogs that were there, there were a lot of them.
I think the important points of hints and such attitudes about this Eden.
They are also a fact there.
They are in something that even this name works by itself.
Zbyszek also talked about it, links to source materials are posted here as if someone was interested to get to know the whole thing.
I also encourage you to see it in Eden.
It is listed in points.
Anyway, this link is also listed there.
This is the most important of these source materials.
What was said there.
What is worth paying attention to.
And I think that’s all.
Thank you for listening to my thoughts.
I mark these are my thoughts.
What was checked on the scales somewhere, what I feel is fine with.
But I am not saying that it should be like that, that I manage myself.
I just throw it into reflection so that everyone somewhere, if of course I’m interested, think about it.
Thanks take care and hello.