Crumbs of Eden ❦ – New, loose series. You are welcome!

I wanted to announce a kinda more relaxed series.
I’ve already recorded the basics, something will probably be added there in some time, but for now these prepared and substantive, just well edited videos, and in general, for now, we’ll finish with it.
We’ll move on to something like what, at least, that’s what I was prompted to, record a little more loosely, so that people wouldn’t think I’m a stiff and here I only recite some formulas or something.
I speak from the heart, I speak from myself.
So I will record like this, and what will come to me: about what has happened recently, maybe a story will remind me, or an event from the past.
We will see.
Perhaps I will try to explain a sentence with some life adventure.
We will see.
Write what you think about it, how you like this format and hold on.