Church and paradise. Conversations with God and the Primary Reflex

Will the church tell you how to talk to God?
Will the church or religions help us to create something like that here?
I thought about it for a long time.
Maybe not exactly on that question, but I was looking for truth in religions.
I was looking for different religions and I was looking for such a common denominator.
There is a denominator there, but does that mean it’s good?
Religions use the words love, they use salvation, enlightenment, various such words which are not even well defined by them, they seem so blurry and mysterious.
And of course there are a lot of these religious texts, there are various books, volumes and messages that contradict very often, but the question ultimately comes down to whether these religions can help us be a better person.
Can these religions help us build a better society and make better decisions?
If every person feels what is good and what is bad, that’s how it is.
There is such a thing as a primal reflex, and even if we deceive ourselves later, as if, even for a split second, this knowledge is still there somewhere.
If it wasn’t for all that screaming at us what to do, which way to go, it would be natural, as in some tribes, it would be natural what to do and what was right.
It is enough to let people develop on their own.
Do not impose limitations on anything, various prohibitions, orders, visions of hell and scaring.
When talking about love, is it possible to kill unimaginable numbers of people in the name of this love?
Can you talk about poverty as a virtue and get all the money yourself?
Would you learn to run a business from a beggar?
Will the doctor teach you to build a house?
Will the church tell you how to talk to God?
To all these questions, the answer is: No.
Well, maybe in the second place, if the doctor is also a builder.
Then maybe…
But we ask successful people how they achieved success.
Let us ask a man who talks to God how does he do it?
If he cannot teach us this, or even officially it is said that if someone talks to God, he is mentally ill.
Well …
This is the position of the Catholic Church in Poland.
I don’t know what other religions are like.
I don’t know everything but one thing I know is if you are looking for answers to your questions?
You won’t find them there.
Of course, such existential questions.
The questions we are talking about on this channel.
Not the way.
I also do not consider myself a master in this, but I can verify whether something is good for me or not.
I can check my deeds or simply talk to God.
Someone who doesn’t believe in God might call it talking to himself, might call it talking to a higher particle, or an angel, whatever.
It does not matter.
The important thing is that the person himself strives for this.
Of course, you cannot fall into self-delusion and isolate yourself from people.
It is only necessary to find such a balance between the fact that I am an individual and I am responsible for my own life, and on the other hand, combine it with the fact that there are others whom I help and pay attention to what they do, how they react to me.
Am I really helping them ?
Did what I did really help them?
Did I not deceive them by accident?
Have I misled them?
Were my intentions sincere?
I will talk about one more extreme, the extreme attitude that is incorrect here, but in the next video, yeah, hold on.