A word about suffering. Good, bad, and Evil. Opposition and contradiction

This is probably the most important thing here.
What is it for?
Why did it appear and does it make any sense?
Let’s start with the physical pain.
First, this pain alerts us to danger, tells us that something is wrong with our body, so we need it.
And here, to elaborate on this topic a bit, I will talk about these four types of fear: of …
Of suffering.
Four kinds of fear that control us, somewhere are needed or not.
First, fear of ourselves, of our own incompetence, of the evil in us.
We are afraid that we will hurt someone.
We are afraid that we will hurt ourselves.
We don’t want to think about how imperfect we are.
We do not want to be a source of suffering and …
This fear is, of course reasonable, conditioned by the fact that a person wants to be good.
At least he wants to think of himself that way.
So he does everything to avoid mistakes, to avoid harming others or himself.
It is not always successful, sometimes he prefers to pretend.
It is important that this fear does not paralyze us, that it pushes us to positive change, to work on ourselves, and not to withdraw from life.
The second fear is the fear of society, so of the other person.
It’s similar here.
We are afraid that someone will hurt us.
We don’t want to be rejected, we don’t want to be perceived as some other, strange, abnormal person.
We want to fit in.
Especially when it comes to our loved ones.
However, one should not obey society.
It is often wrong and well …
It is also worth having your own opinion.
As with any fear, it should not control us.
It should be used as a motivation, as a guideline.
The third fear is the fear of the element of nature, of natural disasters, of the natural environment.
Once our ancestors had to struggle with nature, animals, harsh climate, etc.
Today we have a lot easier.
We’re not actually adapted to it anymore, but the fear is still there.
This should not control us, because common sense should be in place here.
The fourth fear is the fear of the unknown.
Maybe it’s the fear of fear itself.
Because …
Without knowing something, we don’t know whether we should be afraid of it or whether it is dangerous, so we are afraid, as if, in advance.
And this fear often blocks our development, because we don’t want to change something, we don’t want to go beyond the so-called comfort zone.
Apart from the fears that tell us: “attention, don’t go there, this is wrong, this is dangerous, something is wrong here”, we also have positive hints or tips.
Like joy, or a sense of fulfillment, as if the meaning of life that I repeat many times.
These things allow us to understand that yes, we are doing something well, that this is our way, that this is something right.
We will hear it from our friends or relatives, but we will also just see how we change.
We are happy that our life is good, that we are achieving our goals.
Understanding that we ourselves are exposed to these different types of fear, we must make a decision.
Because if it affects us, it affects other people as well.
Knowing about it how we will use it?
Will we help others by understanding them more, or will we use them knowing that they are afraid?
Will you destroy them or protect them?
It comes down to intention.
So …
we come in on the subject of Good and Evil.
What is Good?
This is something positive, something that is uplifting.
Something that is naturally good for everyone, means good, i.e.
beneficial both for me and for people around me, for the environment, etc.
Of course, you can always put your point of view in such a way that something is bad, but …
Good as such Good by the big G is just there.
Evil, on the other hand, is not the opposite of good.
Evil is its contradiction.
These are the colors of white and black.
This Good is white.
Black, on the other hand, are the opposites of Good, which allow us to better understand this good.
Evil, on the other hand, is the destruction of it all, the destruction of the idea of ​​existence in general.
Evil destroys even itself.
Bad things happen, but if the lion eats the antelope is the lion Evil?
That’s his nature.
On the other hand, Evil will destroy the antelope, the lion, and the whole place, everything, where this lion and the antelope live.
It’s Evil with a capital E, darkness is something that shouldn’t exist.
But since it did appear, it must be distinguished from the opposite.
If someone tells you that you need Evil, because thanks to it we can experience something, because all experiences are for something, then let the lamp light up.
Because evil wants you to believe it.
Evil wants to hide.
Evil wants to convince you that only man is responsible for everything that is incorrect and distorted, and wants to convince you that it does not exist by itself.
This is probably the most important thing here.
If you understand that you are capable of Evil, or of destroying, of …
or of mistakes, you can be sensitive to them and commit fewer and fewer of them.
Don’t allow yourself to …
That’s all.
Hold on.