3 reasons why You should change

I don’t know, maybe this is the most important thing, maybe it will convince you the most …
Before I start talking about more complicated things, or even simple basics “How to change?”, “Where to start?”, I want to ask a very important question.
For what do this at all?
And why?
Why, or what is the reason that you are changing?
Does the situation force you to do so?
What are your intentions?
This is very important because if you start wrong here, then it will make it impossible for you to work on yourself.
You will achieve some things, but you will hit the ceiling.
Where you can’t go any further.
If you leave your life alone, if you consider yourself to be victim of external factors, what then?
This is an alternative to working on yourself.
Doing nothing.
It is probably easier.
If you do this, which means you do nothing, then the world will potentially become worse than it could be if you were to work on yourself.
What will happen when you take your greatest fear greatest weaknesses and will you face them?
Where can this lead you?
This is an interesting question.
There is a saying in parkour (This is the art of movement that I train): One must be strong to be useful.
And it shows how it is worth being a man who can make a difference.
Because it is not a virtue to be harmless.
But the virtue is to have power and use it in a controlled manner.
For good, as a shield.
Well then we are working on ourselves to make it better in the future.
And there is another thing.
Why work on yourself?
For life to make sense.
In order to…
To be happy.
To live for something.
Because if our suffering if the pain comes anyway, let it be a cost for something valuable.
not pointless suffering.
So you live as if everything you do matters.
Even the tiniest things.
From this it follows that everything matters and you give it meaning, you give it value then you take responsibility for it.
And it’s the key in working on yourself.
This decision that ok, I am changing, I take responsibility for my life.
And although, in fact, some things will not depend on you.
After all, there are difficult situations and you are influenced by these external forces.
And there are people who are just in a terrible situation.
But even for them, the best they can do, the best chance at development, hope for better is just working on yourself.
And finally: I do not know.
Maybe this is the most important thing, maybe it will convince you the most that Working on yourself is great fun, it is great satisfaction when we make some progress, if we can see in this life of ours the change, that is better, that a few years ago it was this or that situation, it would just blow me away, I would be broken.
And today, at best, I can remind myself.
And it’s just wonderful when you know that You achieved it.
That it’s your job.
Just as you take responsibility for something, you not only have to fail, but also a success.
Can you win?
Can you lose?
If so, then maybe you’ll be a human …
A real human.
As from a poem by Kipling …
That’s it for today.
Hold on.