Freedom and social groups. How does freedom look in Eden?

Today I will talk about freedom.
Probably the inherent ingredient of Eden.
Being a free person, we also need to be responsible for what we do.
If we promise something, we give our word, we cannot evade the fact that we are free and we do not have to keep it.
Of course, this attitude is also shameful.
As well as the attitude of forcing something on others that no, they have to do it because they promised.
Just when people are happy, joyful, they get along in such a natural way and they don’t need many laws or any top-down arrangements.
They can establish their own guidance and rules.
Are we free today?
We are more free, freer than ever before.
But that’s still, it’s not yet complete freedom.
This, it still is, there are still some fetters and restrictions.
Of course, there will always be some restrictions.
We have physical laws.
We have things that are simply independent of us.
You have a child, I guess it is the responsibility to raise this child as best as you can.
To love them and even to learn love oneself thanks to this child, care and support.
But let’s get back to freedom.
What does it mean?
It means Love.
If you in love with someone or you love someone you give them freedom.
You don’t hold him or her to yourself You don’t blame him or her in any way, you don’t have a list of things he or she has to do.
You just want the other person to be happy.
And if don’t get along it is worth parting and supporting yourself in your separate ways.
You just wish the other person well.
You fight for freedom.
I remember somewhere there, some time ago in that year, I think, maybe even earlier, some social group was fighting for pay rises.
It repeats itself.
I don’t want to speak about a specific group because it doesn’t matter.
And it’s fine, these people work.
It’s good for them to earn more, honestly.
But suddenly, I was a little surprised that such attitudes are also, that other social groups who also earn low income felt it as an attack on them.
So people are divided.
And thus they are enslaved, because they are set against each other and instead of fighting for theirs, they fight with each other.
People can be divided into different ways, women and men.
Should one social group have more rights or obligations?
Everyone should have the same rights as everyone else, ie they should be treated equally.
It does not mean that a child should have the same rights as an adult.
Of course, there should be some limitations here, because it is about responsibility for individuals who are unaware, lost, or somehow irresponsible.
Breaking people up into groups is destructive.
Even if we create this one, or we think about living in some Eden in this beautiful world, it’s nice that we have this world and these people who can be called Edens no matter, or free people.
Beautiful people as you like.
It’s not that we’re here.
Here is the border, and there is the rest of the world, and there it is, rabble or something.
This is how we separate ourselves from people.
And every human should be human in your eyes.
Whether it is a child or an adult.
Whether there is, no matter what.
Let’s not put stickers on people, because then we don’t see people, only these labels.
I used to eat so, and I still care about healthy eating, but when I said that I don’t eat meat, someone asked.
Are you a vegetarian?
And I say no, I’m Przemek.
I’m just trying to eat healthily.
Even if someone tells me I’m a programmer.
I say that I am not a programmer.
I am Przemek who works like this.
In this way.
As if the beliefs of these people about these professions, I do not know, about these social groups.
They didn’t really stick to me because I said that I am, I am human.
This is probably the only badge I attach to myself somewhere.
I am human and I try to be the best at it.
So I’m working on my humanity.
I’m working on myself.
And if we divide people in all possible ways, we will have as many groups as there are people and there will be one person in each group.
This is not a division.
They are all just different.
Everyone is different and some individual.
If you have any question, maybe some thoughts about it.
Feel free to comment below.
Take care.