8 pitfalls in self-improvement. The most common mistakes

Nothing else is needed.
In a sense, just that.
Today I will warn you a little bit about the dangers that they are waiting on the way of working on oneself.
So first if you wanna change you want to be better at anything does not matter you must be ready be a fool before you are a master.
I think it is like that the basic step, which is some humility.
Some such readiness for that you will make mistakes and on these mistakes you are supposed to learn, that you will not get everything right away that you’ll be wrong.
Second thing: Remember that working on yourself, personal development, or even spiritual development it’s not some magic pill that will take care of all your affairs for you.
Suddenly you’ll only be happy and everything will be fine.
It is not so.
Working on yourself will help you a lot.
It will help you face your problems.
It will help you solve them.
It will help you achieve more.
But it won’t do anything for you.
Another common mistake that I did too was a belief that you are better than you are, that is when You felt like, you even understood who You should be.
Well, it was easiest to say to yourself that I that’s who I am and I don’t have to do anything anymore.
Impose an illusion on yourself and not admit it to the fact that it is different.
And then you don’t need to work on yourself anymore and that’s it.
Right here there is an additional trap because there are people who wants you not working woring on yourself And they will tell you straight that you are perfect, you do not have to do anything anymore that God created You, so you are just perfect.
Of course, there is some truth to it, but this doesn’t mean you have to not work on yourself.
We are here to change, to be better to help others.
Otherwise, what is this attitude?
If someone comes to you or someone comes to the person allegedly helping him.
He comes up with the problem he says it is bad for him that he feels bad with himself, that he wants to change something, that he sees what mistakes he makes, that it just sucks.
And what this person answers him?
No, it’s not all right, and don’t worry about it, it’s all right and taken care of.
Is this help?
This is the kill of this man.
This man needs to hear that no it’s so bad with you, this, this, this and this, but that can be changed.
And just as you tell him he’s already perfect, he is tantamount to having him said nothing could be done.
People thoughtlessly believe others as such guru, masters, do not know what.
There are people, there are characters, whether in history or living, worth imitating, it is worth learning on their example, or to learn from them.
But it’s up to you to learn to be a good man, not someone else’s repeater.
First, if they are wrong, they will leads you astray.
When you get addicted from someone, you’ll never be even as good as these persons.
And if these people do such things: they don’t say straightforwardly that you are to learn, they won’t teach you what they know, then no, there are no good people who would be worth following.
If I know something and want to help others I will teach this skill to others.
Such laziness leads to such a stop in this development, such …
If a person cleans up his life, he will be quite content with it and let’s just say it’s okay.
And he doesn’t go on, because it’s kind of like that already satisfied.
This is what, wow is in general, much better than it used to be, that’s okay.
Only let it not be called some kind great enlightenment or nirvana, or I don’t know what.
Because that’s, pff I don’t know, that should be the norm, at least.
Since you need to know, how you develop, how do you change, or if you are making progress or are you going backwards.
Whether here or there you make these mistakes then you need verification.
This is another big mistake that people don’t verify themselves.
They believe that and how it is …
They don’t even check it in the easiest way.
In order to write down some difficult situations that they have in life and with whom they just happen measure, and see how in a span of months, years …
Write it down.
How you deal with it how you could handle it or not, or simply, to see these differences.
What dreams does one have and which of these dreams came true?
Another way of verification may be talking to someone else who just is able to tell you something about you.
Cause you you are with you all the time, but like someone else he will look at you and evaluate You more objectively.
There are also various verification tools, is it a pendulum and scales or let’s say others, as if about the pendulum and the astral scales I know that is the most precise, but there are certain rules that must be kept, otherwise, it will have such …
Well, it’ll still be cheating, so kinda honesty is also very important here.
Another mistake people make is such theoretical work on yourself, that is: Just gathering information, some sort of knowledge, I don’t know, maybe other messages, maybe some reading books, maybe some, I don’t know recordings, just all sorts of things that are related to this development somehow.
But it doesn’t matter until it will not be put into practice.
If you want to learn to ride a bike, then no amount of read books will teach you that.
You can learn many things about bikes, with different techniques, about what can be done, what cannot be done, or some mathematical formulas and percentages or some forces acting on the bicycle.
But if you don’t get on the bike, then you won’t be able to ride.
You have to learn to pedal and learn to balance.
Or rather in reverse order.
We demand too much from ourselves that we want you we would be so perfect, i.e.
we see what mistakes we’ve made, we are who we are honest and then it even hurts us more because we see our imperfections.
The mistake is that we beat ourselves for that we torture ourselves that we feel guilty, etc.
We make mistakes and you have to accept it.
It has to be changed for the better slowly.
It won’t work by force.
Joy is really very important.
I know sometimes it’s hard things that it takes effort and it’s easier to give up but in effect more happiness, more fun comes from this satisfaction that something happened, that You made something changed.
Even if you fail, then at least You can’t fault yourself that you didn’t try.
Let us not be demanding of ourselves too much, but also not let us demand too little of ourselves, because then we will we will not change.
Well, if we require what we are already able to do, where is the progress, where is any change?
People don’t listen to what’s in them yes, they don’t listen to their body, they don’t listen to their thoughts, do not listen to their feelings or emotions, they don’t listen to needs.
You should know who you are there is and what is happening in you.
You need to know why this happened, why did you act like that?
Why did you act like that?
Why it hurts you, as if such …
There are those who are calculating, who have impure intentions and really they don’t work on themselves, and that’s how they call it because it’s fashionable or it is seen well in some way.
Such people …
well …
They have some plan, have some interest in it to be good but it’s not honest wanting to be a better person, only that is wanting to be seen as a better person because they are some benefits from that.
This is a mask illusory, as if working on yourself.
In reality it does not change anything.
It has to be honest.
And dropping your work on yourself onto others.
What do I mean?
That is, instead of working on Themselves, instead of changing what is to change in me, I would looking for mistakes in others.
For others to point out this, this, this and this and did not think about oneself.
I’m not good, I’m working on myself in general, I help others, because they are here I point out mistakes and so on, and that’s what I am super soulful, because like in martial arts first you have some bright belts there, and then, when you have black then you can teach others, and this is also some …
You know, well …
The simplest mistake you can make in working on yourself, it is forgetting that you just have to be a good person.
Nothing else is needed.
In a sense, just that.
People who don’t work on themselves and they try to be good from themselves, as they always wanted to be just good.
sometimes achieve better results in this like working on yourself than those who focused on it who want to know how much all the time went ahead and everything.
That’s it for today.
Hold on.